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Come On In! Whether you meant to or not, you have arrived safe and sound and we’re happy you did. Now that you are here, it's likely that you'll want to know a bit more about us. We will tell you. We are collaborative designers, creative thinkers and problem preventers. Our mission is to provide simple solutions and elegant designs for complex problems that truly create sustainable buildings, places and communities.

Quite simply, our work seeks to change the way that homes, buildings, businesses and communities are conceived and made. At a minimum, we expect to provide our clients with solutions that improve the efficiency of buildings and their systems – saving owners precious capital through the selection of strategies that reduce operational and maintenance costs, while increasing resource efficiency, human health and productivity. Beyond that, we wish to move the profession beyond achieving minimum standards relative to those goals toward deeper, regenerative design. We want our work to be positive, responsible, inspirational, educational, beautiful and personally fulfilling.

Please join us in creating thoughtful and meaningful work where we will engage with you to blend the best in green, environmental and energy efficient design strategies with the art and science of architecture to create truly unique and inspiring projects. We look forward to working with you. Above all, let's have fun!

We’re located in the Highland Park neighborhood of Saint Paul, Minnesota. We are your local experts!



EcoDEEP is an architecture, green building and Owner's Representation consulting firm with a deep focus on equitable and sustainable design. EcoDEEP seeks to balance equity,  long term environmental performance and economic concerns through careful and sensitive design. Sustainability and good design begins with planning and is integral to and enriches our lives.


We believe good design is integral to the entire building process and enriches our lives. Our work promises that good design and environmental betterment are inherently interdependent and that high performance, sustainably designed houses, buildings, spaces, places, developments and solutions must be simple, economical and equitable.




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Yes, we know we have a CONTACT PAGE elsewhere on our website. But this will save you a click or two if you just need the information and need it fast. Perhaps you can't wait to send us a check or a few sweet project opportunities. Thank you! We truly appreciate it. We ask only that you keep the 3am drunk dialing to a minimum. 



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