The DEEP blue waters go right on being blue.

EcoDEEP is an architecture and sustainability consulting firm that holds an acute and sole focus on sustainable design. EcoDEEP works to balance environmental performance and economic concerns through careful and sensitive design. Sustainability and good design is inherent in everything we do. You'll see that at every turn, and you'll enjoy working with us.


Our work promises that good design and environmental betterment are inherently interdependent and that high performance, sustainably designed houses, buildings, developments and solutions must be simple, economical and equitable.

We'll work with you to to determine the needs, hopes and dreams for your project - giving you what wanted and perhaps more than you dared imagine. It's like that. 


To learn more about our Work give us a call or just go to our Architecture or Sustainable Design Consulting pages.  It's really that easy! 




We're Fun to Work With

We're focused and fully committed to our work, but we're easygoing and like to have fun with what we do. We have a sense of humor. We don't take ourselves too seriously. We'll even be nice if we think you have a crazy idea - because we have some too.


We Bring Passion and Energy to our Work

We're excited by what we do and we want to do more. That will be obvious to you every step of the way.


We Keep Things Simple

Great design can be challenging, difficult and complicated, but it doesn't have to feel that way. We'll make it easy for you. We'll do the hard work, the right way and tell it to you straight. That's part of why you hired us. Right?


We Do Good Work

Good work is the result of many things - a dedicated and imaginative spirit, great clients, good communication, an effective process and above all an attention to detail - all the little stuff that you don't notice unless it's done poorly. We want to give you the project you dreamed of, and then some.


We Want You to Be Successful

When you win, we win. When you're happy, we're happy. We nurture and grow good and effective relationships with and between our clients, consultants, city officials, builders and just about anyone else you can shake a stick at. Why? Frankly, we want you to do our marketing for us. We're able to get more done that way.



We know there are many talented consultants and architects you could engage to work with you on your project and we hope you’ve had a chance to talk with them. EcoDEEP goes beyond simple problem solving – one of the things we do best is identify potential issues and find solutions that provide answers to multiple issues BEFORE they become problems.



EcoDEEP believes that good design is integral to the entire building process and enriches our lives. Our work promises that good design and environmental betterment are inherently interdependent and that high performance, sustainably designed buildings and solutions must be simple, economical and equitable. 

We seek simplicity and clarity.  We seek our work to give more to the environment than it takes.  We strive to find beautiful and elegant solutions that offer the most value per dollar, provide the most utility, increase productivity and allow the greatest flexibility.


Our Values


We believe in finding the best idea for the solution, and we don’t care much where it comes from. This means that owners, partners, builders and users are all considered to be team members with valuable input in the design process.


Simply put, we love what we do and want to do our very best on every project.


We approach our work with respect and seek fairness in all our endeavors. We have purpose beyond profit.


EcoDEEP is an architecture and sustainable design consulting firm. Not surprisingly, that's exactly what we do. 100% of our work is focused on sustainable, high performance architecture, planning and thinking. Nature knows what it’s doing – we listen. Call us crazy, but we think we hear something.  Whether your project is large or small, remodeling or new construction, desires energy efficiency, carbon footprint analysis or sustainable operations reporting and documentation, EcoDEEP can help provide you with simple, beautiful, environmentally responsible and affordable solutions. 


To learn more about the wide range of services EcoDEEP offers, please visit our Architecture and Sustainable Design Consulting pages for project examples and detailed listing of services.



WHY PLAN, DESIGN,  AND BUILD SUSTAINABLY?   We're happy you asked.  Let's talk. 


Kevin is an architect, systems thinker and thought leader within his profession. Throughout his 30 year career as an architect Kevin has worked to balance environmental performance and economic concerns through careful and sensitive design. His work promises that good design and environmental betterment are inherently interdependent and that high performance, sustainably designed buildings must be simple, economical and equitable.


A talented designer and thinker, Kevin has the unique ability to simultaneously think in broad and specific terms – with a tenacious attention for details while keeping the big picture clearly in focus. It’s the forest AND the trees. This allows Kevin to understand and demonstrate the connections between seemingly disparate systems and ideas.


Kevin formed EcoDEEP in 2004, after two decades of working for other firms large and small. Those experiences helped craft and hone Kevin’s commitment to design, the environment and service to others. Kevin was founding member of the USGBC MN Chapter, and served on its Board of Directors for five years, completing his term as President in 2010. Kevin chaired and remains a member of USGBC Minnesota’s advocacy committee and often provides testimony in support of various bills relative to energy efficiency, renewable energy, green building, green jobs and energy loan programs.


Kevin is also a writer, lacrosse enthusiast, runner and endurance athlete, an avid canoeist, hiker, occasional actor and perpetually terrible singer. Come for a run or a hike and find out.


"Kevin was constantly thoughtful, creative and helpful. Our project could not have succeeded without him."

- Brad Whitmore, Ryan Companies US, Inc.



"Working with EcoDEEP has been a first class experience."

-Fred and Alice Finley



"Hey dude, did you take my towel?"

-Some Guy at the gym. And no, I didn't. 

How We Work

We are designers and thinkers first. We begin every project by the simple process of asking questions. What are the core concerns and goals for the project? How can we make these ideas better? How can we get more for less? Our thinking doesn’t start or stop at buildings, but rather considers the interdependent systems of connection that impact and are impacted by our buildings and design.


We believe in quantifying costs and performance. Value needs to be measurable. This accounts for land use, communities, codes and ordinances, financing, budgets, natural climactic floes, project or development goals, etc. This is inherent in the way we approach our work and is as normal to our process as sharpening a pencil.


If this has been unbelievably captivating and you'd like to read more, please visit  our Architecture and Sustainable Design Consulting pages for more specific information on how we work.


And, as a bonus, If you've purchased a secret decoder ring, feel free to begin using it now to find all the secret hidden messages in our text. 



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