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We seek to create beautiful architecture that gives more to the environment than it takes. We feel that every successful client relationship is formed through collaborative dialogue and holistic, innovative ideas. The end result is the expression of the combined efforts of all of us – working together. We strive to make each building or project the very best it can be.

For us, that means that solving a client's functional needs within an appropriate budget while offering aesthetically pleasing solutions is only the first step and the minimum starting point. We will use our experience and expertise to create meaningful, innovative and cost effective buildings.

Whether your project is a small addition, remodeling or something new, we can help you find solutions to help maximize your comfort and enjoyment of your new building or space while significantly reducing your energy needs, costs and environmental impact. Our work should help your home or business operate more efficiently and effectively. We’ll work hard to make sure that happens.


EcoDEEP does not design to a signature style, though you can usually tell our work apart from that of others. We strive for clean, well crafted, comfortably modern and environmentally responsible solutions that feel right. 

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EcoDEEP is committed to helping people, design professionals, contractors, manufacturers, businesses, educational institutions, facilities, neighborhoods, communities, non-profits, governmental agencies and anyone else we can find balance environmental performance and economic concerns. 


It's a soup to nuts kind of thing.  We are able to do this through the careful development and selection of design and operational guidelines, increased performance and efficiencies in building systems, energy use benchmarking and reduction, carbon footprint analysis and great many other services - all of which lead to healthier and more responsible land use, buildings, developments, neighborhoods and communities.


Sustainable design is good, simple, DEEP design, holistic - inherently interdependent, interdisciplinary, and aware of both the potentials and limitations of design. Our expertise and flexibility allows us to work in various roles as required by the project scope, client needs and the opportunity to provide the greatest value.


Visit us here for a closer look at some of the Sustainability and Green Building Consulting work we've done.



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