EcoDEEP is committed to helping owners to create sensitive, environmentally responsible and energy efficient projects.


Sometimes getting there seems like a long road to travel. Perhaps we just need to walk it in a different way.


Sustainable design is good, simple, DEEP design, holistic - inherently interdependent, interdisciplinary, and aware of both the potentials and limitations of design.


Areas of Practice:

  • Pre-Design and Master Planning
  • Residential/Houses
  • Institutions and Government
  • Educational Facilities
  • Offices
  • Retail and Commercial Interiors
  • Light Industrial/Manufacturing


Our clients are important to us. At EcoDEEP, we seek relationships that improve our ability to design for current needs and provide long-term support.  We believe that good design is integral to the building process and enriches our lives. Our work promises that good design and environmental betterment are inherently interdependent and that high performance, sustainably designed buildings must be simple, economical and equitable.

We seek to create architecture that gives more to the environment than it takes. We feel that successful client relationships are formed in part by collaborative, holistic and innovative team environments and we strive to make each building or project the very best it can be.


For us, that means that solving a client's functional needs within the budget while offering aesthetically pleasing solutions is only the first step and the minimum starting point. We work deeply throughout the design process to create solutions that:

  • Respond to and respect their site, context, local climate, and other natural conditions.
  • Minimize energy use through the careful selection of building systems and energy strategies.
  • Are flexible and enhance the whole health, productivity and morale of their users.
  • Integrate daylighting and passive means to climate control to improve comfort and save energy.
  • Utilize environmentally safe materials and systems.
  • Maximize resource efficiency
  • Provide value.


Our projects explore the use of siting, daylighting, massing and building orientation to reduce a building or site’s energy requirements and associated operational energy costs, heating and cooling loads, equipment size, and construction costs. We utilize materials research to reduce pre-construction waste and post-construction disposal issues. We also examine the reduction of site water runoff, use of gray water on site for irrigation and alternative sewerage conveyance, alternative fuel systems, photovoltaics, and wind power electrical generation.


All of this helps you to reduce your energy use and operating costs, reduce maintenance needs, reduce your environmental footprint and carbon footprint and above all - provide you with more comfort and enjoyment at a lower cost.  



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