Fairmount House

Heberlein House - A new porch to match the stately home.

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Fairmount House Remodel

Saint Paul, Minnesota


This was a beautiful early 1900's home burdened with an unsightly 1970's greenhouse/glass porch on the streetfront. A bit like a a beauty queen with a large wart on her chin. 

The project entailed a bit of surgical removal and the creation of an attractive new entrance that would fit the feel an character of the rest of the home.


EcoDEEP created a warm and welcoming new entrance porch using local sustainably harvested woods, bricks and custom framed windows to match and complement the style and detailing of the existing home.  The results speak for themselves. The new entrance looks as though it has always been there. 



Photo Gallery

"Working with Kevin was a delight! His devotion to the project was always apparent and his attention to detail flawless. His finely crafted solution enabled us to have the porch the house deserved. It really fits the house and the neighborhood."


- Greg 

All photos by Gilbertson Photography. 


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