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Gand Marais HUS on Rutabaga Ridge

Grand Marais, Minnesota


Living deep in the north woods requires self sufficiency - from growing and preserving one's own food, harvesting eggs, honey and making soap to making one's own energy and being efficient in its use.


Located near Grand Marais, Minnesota, this off the grid home nestles in second growth forest on a ridge with distant views to Lake Superior.


Features of this super sustainable home include:

  • Site harvested timber frame construction
  • Structural Insulated Panels
  • Super Insulation
  • Triple Glazed, Low-e, Argon Windows
  • Energy Efficiency galore
  • In floor radiant Heating
  • Passive and Active Solar Energy Systems
  • Passive Cooling and Daylighting Techniques
  • Heat Recovery
  • Low-flow toilets and plumbing fixtures
  • Locally Sourced, FSC, Salvaged, Recycled, Durable and Low VOC Materials
  • Rain Gardens; Food Gardens
  • Water Collection
  • Low-mow/no-mow grasses and Native Plantings for supreme stormwater management.


The design principles are simple - highly energy efficient and environmentally responsible while being economically affordable both initially and over the lifetime of the house; The home was largely constructed by the owners themselves (from the cutting and shaping of timbers, the erection of the frame and all interior finishes) in a simple manner that speaks and feels and fits like the north woods where the sun is a friend to be appreciated and used and snow and cold is a presence for much of the year.


Inside the home there is as much space devoted to work as there is to living. The main floor and loft space provide living and home office areas for the family of three while the walk out lower level provides areas for gardening prep, soap making, root cellar, textiles and weaving arts, workshop, wet work and washing. In keeping with the rest of the family’s lives, everything is used, nothing is wasted and everything fits in its place and its season all the year long.


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“Engaged - Inspired - Focused (and not too funny looking). These are the words we think of when we think of Kevin Flynn and EcoDEEP. Over a multi-year period, EcoDEEP helped us design both an integrated garage-workshop-loft building and a timber frame home with multiple sustainable building elements.

The results speak for themselves - abundant natural light, efficient heating, highly livable, family comfort. Kevin’s encouragement, patience and creativity were a steady presence throughout the journey. His expertise, understanding & integration of sustainable building strategies allowed us to realize our goals.”

- Greg & Jeanne 

Grand Marais, MN

All photos by Gilbertson Photography. 


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