Grand Marais Loft

Wright Loft - 432 sf of living space for 3


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Grand Marais Loft and Workshop

Grand Marais, MN 


Where do you live while you are building your passive solar, timber frame house in the north woods? 

In 432 sf of loft space over your garage and woodshop of course!


This small loft space was built first in order to provide living space for the family while they constructed their home a short stroll away. It remained their home for 3 years and now serves as a guest house for friends, family and visitors "up North". 


The project includes Green Features such as:

  • Super insulation and Windows
  • Wood Stove 
  • Reclaimed wood flooring and Salvaged countertops
  • Low VOC paints, adhesives
  • FSC Wood, Reclaimed Wood, Materials, Green Roof


Photo Gallery

"Everybody wants to stay here!  It's a very cozy place!"



All photos by Gilbertson Photography. 


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