How We Work

We are designers and thinkers first

We begin every project by the simple process of asking questions. What are the core concerns and goals for the project? How can we make these ideas better? How can we get more for less? Our thinking doesn’t start or stop at buildings, but rather considers the interdependent systems of connection that impact and are impacted by our buildings and design. We believe in quantifying costs and performance. Value needs to be measurable. This accounts for land use, communities, codes and ordinances, financing, budgets, natural climactic floes, project or development goals, etc. This is inherent in the way we approach our work and is as normal to our process as sharpening a pencil.


EcoDEEP does not design to a signature "style." Rather, we believe that good, deep design must be client focused and respond effectively to the compelling criteria that determine the form and character of each particular project. We don’t do anything until we understand you, the goals and scope of the project, the character of the site and the inherent opportunities in the work.


We believe that design can not continue to be ways of making clever end runs around natural systems and laws. We work and participate within those systems and laws as partners to create work that is more meaningful, with a goal of doing good, rather than simply limiting harm.

We're going to be partners in this.

Designing and Building are challenging, complex things. We want EcoDEEP and you to be successful, together. We should all feel as though we got more than we thought we could. We want to make your dreams a reality and we will guide you from our initial ideas and sketches to the final product.  Sometimes we hang around for a while longer just because. Especially if you invite us to your parties.



We listen before we say much. Sometimes we need to draw to understand. Sometimes we draw to communicate. The communication is never just one way. We'll work WITH you to make sure we deliver the best project we can. We'll work with you to make sure you understand the building you're getting and why. 


We'll foster and grow great relationships between us, our consultants, the builders and suppliers, building officials and just about anyone else you can shake a stick at. Why? Frankly, we want you to do our marketing for us. We're able to get more done that way (Though we'll wonder why you are shaking a stick at so many people in the first place). 


When all is said and done, we'll save you some time and keep things simple. Let us take the lead. You've got enough to do


Design Principles

We're passionate about what we do. These are the thoughts that drive our work.




Buildings should be different – largely depending on where they are. Our buildings, spaces and places must belong to their place, time, culture and community.


Every building should specifically adapt and respond to its own particular site, context, micro-climate and ecology.


Every building must be considered as an integrated solution, considerate of its site and systems.


Our actions should not cause others increased upkeep or maintenance; create or cause no ugliness, human or ecological, here, somewhere else, now or at some later time.


Our actions should maximize effectiveness, comfort and value with the minimum use of resources required, both natural and economic.


Buildings must be affordable to build and to operate and maintain. We consider the long term consequences of design. We measure and quantify as we design.


Our solutions, our buildings, places and spaces should be beautiful and inspiring to look at and inhabit. We hope to foster a sense of pride, of community and spirit in our work.



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