In the Drawer

Sometimes projects get started and then go on hold. Sometimes they come back to life in a few months or a few years. Some never make it beyond the desktop and go into the drawer permanently. Here are a few interesting projects we started and are hoping they might begin again. You never know. 

Modern House on the Prairie

Marshall, Minnesota


Out on the prairie in SW Minnesota the wind can be relentless, the summers hot and the winters freezing. 

But this energy efficient house and environmentally responsible house is planned to be comfortable all year long at a fraction of the cost of a typical house.


The project includes Green Features such as:

  • Super insulation and Windows
  • Ground Source Heat pumps and in-floor hydronic heating
  • Green roof
  • Thermal mass storage 
  • Low Flow plumbing fixtures
  • LED lighting
  • Low VOC paints, adhesives
  • FSC Wood, Reclaimed Wood, Materials

The project is on hold pending land acquisition. 

House on a Lake

Ham Lake, Minnesota


Like all of the houses we design, this energy efficient house and environmentally responsible house is planned to be comfortable all year long at a fraction of the cost of a typical house.


The project is on hold pending financing. 


“Over the past two years my wife and I have been working with Kevin Flynn of EcoDEEP and it has been a first class experience. His expertise as an architect is outstanding, his willingness to teach us what we need to know has been thoughtful and patient, and his responsiveness to our innumerable questions has been timely and thorough. We now have a design that the builders who have bid on the project have seen as incredibly thorough and one that meets the highest standards. When we have asked them for suggestions, they have simply said they would make no changes in the design. They see the design as ideal for our setting and goals and designed “as homes should be designed” for the present and the future. We would recommend Kevin as a talented and thoughtful architect who can work effectively with his clients and provides a level of sustained service that we believe to be unique.”  

- Fred and Alice 


Greenbuild Cottages

Minneapolis, Minnesota


This unique and highly energy efficient project was designed for the Linden Hills neighborhood in Minneapolis. It features two duplex homes on a single, large existing lot and is design efficiency is such that the energy and resources use for the project eight or more people living here would equal that of two people in a  typical home.  Those are impressive numbers. 


This project is on hold - more than likely permanently, but it's still a fun little project to think about. 



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