In the Drawer - Planning and Commercial Work

Sometimes projects get started and then go on hold. Sometimes they come back to life in a few months or a few years. Some never make it beyond the desktop and go into the drawer permanently. Here are a few interesting projects we started and are hoping they might begin again. You never know. 

Xihuan Redevelopment - Beijing, China

This project is a design competition to provide 1.8 million square feet of commercial and retail space on 2 stories (one at street level, one at a sunken plaza level) on an urban site linking the Summer Palaces in Beijing, China.


Goals for the project include making the commercial and retail space fit the context and culture of the site while maintaining a modern design aesthetic; developing the shopping nodes and paths from the idea of the hutong alleys and shopping streets in old Beijing; having the buildings create energy, be naturally daylit, cooled and ventilated, conserve water; and contribute to the health of the city by focusing on pedestrian oriented solutions.


Performed in collaboration with BHA Architects, Beijing, China



EcoTowers - Nanjing, China

This was a planning project and design competition for a pair of mixed-use office, residential and retail towers that would supply much of their own energy, filter water, use and treat its own waste. They would essentially become "living buildings". 


The project was cancelled very early on in the design phase - but the sketches included here give you a glimpse into the thought process for the project. 


Performed in collaboration with Lan Jian Architect, USA and China



Richfield, Minnesota


This project shows a design for a destination showroom and warehouse space addition to an existing building with living units on the second floor. The living units surround a green roof plaza that serves as both an amenity to the living units and a stormwater management tool on a tight urban site near the airport and Mall of America. 


The project was intended to be modern, fun, lively, highly energy efficient and environmentally responsible. 

Digital City Offices

Hudson, Wisconsin


The intent of this project was to design and construct a net-zero energy office building that ran mostly on sunlight. The building is designed to be highly energy efficient and use both passive and active building systems to reduce and power its energy load.

Ample daylighting, insulation, heat and energy recovery and solar panels (photovoltaics and domestic hot water) were planned for use. 



The project was stopped due to a re-structuring and re-location of the company. 



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