Whispering Waters 10 Year Sustainable Master Plan




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Project Description

EcoDEEP is responsible for helping guide the client on this quest to better at least a small portion of our planet. This project is a master plan for the reuse of a 120 acres site in central Minnesota. It features the planning of new and renovated buildings using sustainable design principles, cultural and archaeological resources assessment, water clarity improvements, ecological restoration of ancient prairie, savannah, woodlands and wetlands to pre-settlement conditions, and the improvement of habitat for flora, fauna and waterfowl. The entire property will be placed into a conservation easement and gifted back to the public in the form of a trust and used for both public and private enjoyment and environmental education.

The site is a former farmstead originally homesteaded in the 1860’s. It features spectacular views over the small lake and natural wetlands. One of the primary goals for the project is to take advantage of this amenity, giving the company's employees, visitors and the public access to the property and providing them with paths and walks to take full advantage of the ecologically restored acreage. The buildings will utilize passive solar design and planning principles, the harvesting of daylight,renewable energy sources, highly efficient lighting and mechanical systems and environmentally responsible materials and products to achieve LEED Platinum certification.

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