Community Planning

We enjoy working with neighborhoods, communities and cities to plan for the sustainable development and growth of our built environment. Sustainable development recognizes that growth must be both inclusive and environmentally sound to build shared prosperity for today’s population and to continue to meet the needs of future generations. It is efficient with resources and carefully planned to deliver both immediate and long-term benefits for people, planet, and prosperity. In the end, it's about us. About where we live, work and play. Our homes. 

West Side Flats Master Development Plan

EcoDEEP was part of the project team working with the City of Saint Paul Department of Planning and Economic Development (PED) to implement a community-based planning process to update the West Side Flats Master Plan and Development Guidelines, adopted in 2001. The plan includes 100 acres of potential developments area within the City of Saint Paul.


 21st Century Riverfront Urban Village
The West Side Flats will emerge as a thriving riverfront urban village that connects the larger West Side community to the Mississippi River and downtown Saint Paul. With its unique location in the Mississippi River floodplain, the presence and movement of water will be reflected in land use patterns, street design, building massing, stormwater features, and public realm design. 

The West Side Flats will have strong physical and visual connections to the river's edge and bluffs, walk/bike-friendly streets, a well-designed network of public spaces, restored natural systems, urban neighborhood design, a complementary mix of high-quality and human-scaled buildings, a variety of housing types and public art. 

The West Side Flats will recapture its identity as a place that welcomes and integrates a broad mix of people, cultures and destinations into a vibrant mixed-use community. By restoring a more balanced mix of neighborhood, business and natural systems, it will be a model for economic, environmental and social sustainability. The employment-oriented district will continue to provide high-paying commercial/industrial job opportunities for the region and local residents, as it evolves into a more diverse, higher-intensity, and visually attractive business district over time. 


Completed with Hoisington Koegler Group, Design Workshop, Emmons&Oliver Resources, Community Design Group, Forecast Public Art



Other Community Planning Projects

Neighborhood Development Plan for Payne Maryland Neighborhood, St Paul

Payne Maryland Neighborhood Vision Framework Plan

EcoDEEP was part of the project team working with the City of Saint Paul Department of Planning and Economic Development (PED) to implement a community-based planning process to create a unique Master Plan for the Redevelopment of the Payne Maryland Neighborhood in St Paul's East Side.


The Payne Maryland Project is a public/private partnership being constructed in two phases.  Phase one, currently under construction and scheduled to be completed in early 2014, will house both the Arlington Hills Library and the Arlington Recreation Center.  Phase two, which will house the project’s private partners, is actively pursuing the funding necessary to begin construction on this phase of the project.  When both phases are completed, the facility will encapsulate the programming needs of the Arlington Recreation Center, the Arlington Hills Library, Arlington Hills Lutheran Church, Bradshaw Celebration of Life Centers, and possibly other community service organizations in a new and exciting community center.

This new center will transform the surrounding neighborhood of Payne and Maryland Avenues into a vital hub of activity.  The bold plan is expected to provide inspiration for investment in the community and support services for the region.   


Completed with Hoisington Koegler Group, Inc and Miller Dunwiddie Architects. 

Master Plan option for the mixed-use eco-industrial development plan in Northfield, MN

Northfield Sustainable Master Plan

Northfield, Minnesota


EcoDEEP was part of the project team working with the City of Northfield to create a Sustainable Mixed Use Development Business and Industrial Park Master Plan on the western edge of the city. 

The Northfield Business and Industrial Master Plan provides a vision for future

growth on two sites identified for economic development. Together, the Master Plan and Development Guidelines will enable Northfield to create a sustainable, mixeduse business park ready for development and poised to attract development in a competitive market place. To achieve success and insure future growth is consistent with the City’s Comprehensive Plan, the Master Plan incorporates several goals and objectives derived from careful study of adopted City plans and policies. The following goals and objectives helped to shape the Master Plan and Development Guidelines:

  • Diversify the economic base of Northfield by making land available for business and industrial expansion that will serve to provide opportunities for new investment, tax base expansion, job creation and wage enhancement.
  • Create a master plan and design guidelines that will insure that the new development patterns and design character maintain Northfi eld’s distinctive quality of place.
  • The development plan(s) should provide a positive gateway identity into the Northfield community.
  • Create a plan for successful businesses and industries that will complement rather than compete with the economic vitality of the downtown business community.
  • The planning process must include eff ective methods of engaging the participation of property owners, business and industry stakeholders, campus representatives and the citizens at large.
  • Promote a high quality development that incorporates a sensitive approach to design while protecting and enhancing environmental resources.
  • Promote energy efficient and sustainable development patterns, land uses and buildings that incorporate LEED standards.
  • Develop a plan that provides for and promotes multi-modal transportation for the delivery of goods, services and overall access to the area.
  • Create a development strategy that refl ects feasibility in the marketplace and provides a realistic potential for business and industrial development adding to the economic vitality of Northfield.
  • Develop strategies for successfully marketing the development to potential end users.
  • Develop a plan and strategies to successfully attract and retain a talented and educated workforce


Completed with Hoisington Koegler Group, Design Workshop


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